Personal Injury

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims

Should I Get Treatment?

It is always better to seek treatment if you are unsure of the extent of your injuries. Some people shrug off seeing a doctor thinking their injuries are not that bad. Later, when they are still having pain, that delay can damage the strength of their case.

An Insurance Adjuster Has Contacted Me. How Do I Respond?

It is in your best interest not to speak with the responsible party’s insurance company. Instead, if you hire Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, as your lawyer you will be able to refer all questions to him.

What Kind Of Information Should I Track About My Pain?

One way is to get a calendar and record each day the type of pain you feel and where, as well as how it negatively impacted your ability to do day-to-day tasks.

What Is Your Fee?

Personal injury representation is offered on a contingency fee, meaning the firm does not get paid unless you see a settlement.

Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, has nearly 30 years experience as a trial attorney. He offers representation in a wide range of personal injury cases from wrongful death to traumatic brain injury or dog bites.

A Personal Injury Attorney With Both Experience And Compassion

After a car accident or severe injury, your first priority should be taking care of yourself. Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, has the experience to know the insurance company may use certain actions against you. For example, going to work even though you are in pain may seem like the right choice at the time. But when it comes to your case, the insurance company will cast doubt on how bad your injuries really are. He will walk you through this process with sound legal advice given with compassion as you await resolution of your case.

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