About The Firm

Few area firms have lawyers with the experience and insight into the prosecutors and judges hearing cases in local courtrooms that Thomas Weidner has gained through decades of practice. Located in Staunton, he represents clients throughout Augusta County, Staunton and the surrounding areas.

His experience includes 10 years as a prosecutor in the City of Waynesboro, as well as appointments as a special prosecutor in Orange County, Lexington, Staunton and Buena Vista. This experience has proven to benefit his clients by giving him a unique view into how investigators and prosecutors will see your case.

Thomas Weidner has taught at the Virginia State Police Academy and the International Association of Special Investigation Units on the successful prosecution of insurance fraud, arson and white collar crimes.

Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, has nearly 30 years of experience that will be to your advantage. At his own firm since 2009, he brings that experience to his practice in criminal defense and prosecuting cases.

When You Call Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, You’ll Have Valuable Experience On Your Side

He knows the way local prosecutors and judges approach cases, allowing you to make better informed choices about your situation.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case, call the firm at 540-949-9430. Or, if you like, send an email.