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For Major Crimes, You Need To Hire An
Attorney With Major Experience

Choose A Former Prosecutor With Nearly 30 Years In The Courtroom As A Trial Lawyer In State And Federal Court. Clients See The Benefit Of His Unique Insight Into How Prosecutors View Cases.

Valuable Experience Difficult To Match

Tom Weidner, IV, has been practicing in local courtrooms for decades. Few area firms can match his level of experience and insight into the minds of prosecutors and judges. This allows him to craft the best defense possible for your circumstances. He is prepared for every turn in the case, whether it is negotiation or litigation.

A Longstanding Practice In Local Courts

His lengthy working relationship with prosecutors and judges in different courts means he knows what might be an effective defense at trial. He can tell you when it is in your best interest to accept a plea deal or prepare for trial. He understands the way local prosecutors and courts look at different cases in different areas.

    Get The Advantage Of Experience For Your Case

    To discuss representation for your criminal charges or personal injury case, send an email or contact Thomas Weidner IV, PLLC, at his firm in Staunton at 540-949-9430.

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